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Goshen Floor Mart is Michiana's #1 Flooring Company with one of the largest selections of flooring in the entire region. We carry the best brands of flooring in every category from carpet and hardwood floors to vinyl and natural stone tiling. As one of the region's best flooring companies (and most experience with over 25 years in business) we are proud to servce Elkhart County, St. Joe County, Marshall and Kosciusko Counties, and surrounding communities, by providing quality flooring, professional flooring installation and of course only the finest in customer service.


As a locally owned and family operated business, we have made thousands of friends in the community with local residents and business owners. We feel that a large part of our success is due to the fact that our goal is to ensure our customers always have the very best experiences possible when they deal with our company and our team. It's a combination of things that set us apart from our competition- Our Staff, Our Showroom, Our Attitude and Our Products. Add to that a down-to-earth approach to business, a family-oriented company and more than 2 1/2 decades of experience in the busines and you can see why we have become Michiana's Choice in Flooring Companies!


Goshen Floor Mart has the largest Flooring Showroom and showcases the largest selection of Flooring Materials in the entire northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan region. We have an incredible sdelection of all types of flooring including: Carpet, Vinyl, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Ceramic & Porcelain Tile, Linoleum and more. We have flooring for both residential and commercial applications.


We invite you to visit out Goshen, Indiana showroom and browse our many brands and products and chat with our professional designers and flooring professionals! For more information call us at 574.642.4770 or click to contact us here.

While our Goshen Floor Mart Showroom is visited from people from all over the midwest, our installation team is limited to a smaller geographic area. Typically we install in the following areas:

Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury and Bristol and all other Elkhart County communities

South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger and Osceola and the remainder of St. Joe County

North Webster, Leesburg, Syracuse, Warsaw and Kosciusko County

Lagrange, Howe and Shipshewana as well as other Lagrange County areas

Edwardsburg, Union, Sturgis, White Pigeon, Constantine and other Cass County and lower Michigan areas


Often we will install in areas outside of our typical Service Area. If you are interested to see if we will install in an area not listed above, feel free to call us at 574.642.4770 or see our contact page




At Goshen Floor Mart we have always taken great pride in the relationships that we have developed with our customers. In any business, for the winning-formula to work, there must be a good connection between company and customer and it starts with respect. At Goshen Floor we have a pretty simple set of standards when it comes to the way we do business which we believe has a direct reflection on our relationship with our customers. We treat our Customers fairly. We deliver fair and competitive pricing in both the products and services that we provide. We do our best to live up to the commitments we make to our Customers. We only provide Customers with solid Brands that are tried and true... the Brands that we know we can trust. If we find we cannot trust one of our Brands, we change vendors.


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The Best Brands in the Flooring Industry!

At Goshen Floor Mart we are known to carry the very best Brands in the flooring industry. Our Brands are the tried and true in flooring. These top quality manufacturers deliver us the quality pricing and service that we demand... and of course our customers are the beneficiaries of those benefits. Although we have developed long-term relationships with the majority of our vendors we have a sound but simple philosophy, if they don't deliver to our expectations then we simply change vendors. If you are looking for the top brands in flooring, you can pretty much be guaranteed that you'll find them at Goshen Floor Mart!

Click to see our Brands


Professional Floor Design and Floor Installation


At Goshen Floor Mart we are known for our vast selection of flooring materials which happens to be the largest in all of Michiana. However, we are also well-known for our services which includes Professional Design Services and Professional Floor Installation. We work hand in hand with our customers, both home owners and business owners, to assist them in locating the best flooring for their particular needs and lifestyle. We are also known for our expert flooring installation which includes carpet, vinyl, laminate, ceramic and porcelain tile and hardwood floors (commercial and residential) and any other floor material installations.


If you are looking for a Professional Floor Design Staff that understands flooring inside and out... or if you're in search of Expert Flooring Installation Technicians, you've certainly come to the right place.


Click for more information on Goshen Floor Mart's Design Service
Click here for more information on Goshen Floor Mart's Expert Floor Installation Team


Built On Common Sense And Many Years Of Experience



At Goshen Floor Mart our Approach is pretty simple, we believe in developing trust with our customers. This starts by providing them with the best, most reliable brands. We also believe it is significant to provide exceptional Customer Service. This serves as a foundation for trust.


In addition, we feel that it is important to show respect. In business, to have a good connection with customers you must develop respect. At Goshen Floor we have a pretty simple set of standards when it comes to the way we do business which we believe has a direct reflection on our relationship with our customers. We treat our Customers fairly. We deliver fair and competitive pricing in both the products and services that we provide. We do our best to live up to the commitments we make to our Customers. 


Ultimately, this all leads to, and revolves around, respect. Respect for our Customer's investment, respect for their time and respect for them as people. This approach has certainly served Goshen Floor Mart very well over the years! 


The Best People Help Make The Best Companies


At Goshen Floor Mart we believe in recruiting the best people we can find. We also believe in providing with industry knowledge, product knowledge and "real-life" training. Helping them build positive experience improves their skills and of course that improves our Customer's Experiences with us.

At Goshen Floor, we feel fortunate to have some of the very best people in the flooring industry. With countless years of experience and ongoing training. Our talented staff starts with a very helpful and friendly Customer Service Staff. These knowledgeable folks understand the various types of flooring as well as the various brands. They also have a great amount of knowledge when it comes to the installation of flooring. This assist you when you're in the market for flooring.


Next there is our Team of Professional Designers. Our talented design staff is amazing with their ability to quickly find solutions to your flooring needs. From colors and textures to flooring types and availability, our Designers are outstanding.


For us another vital part of Our Team is our Professional Installers. These talented technicians have been installing floors for decades. They know the ins and outs, they know the products, they have experienced pretty much any challenge imaginable in flooring installation... and to put it bluntly, they are the best of the best flooring installers in the industry.


With all of our competitive advantages, we feel its our outstanding Team that makes us who we are!


If you're in the market for flooring feel free to contact Goshen Floor Mart. Remember, we are always happy to provide you with a free estimate. Call us today at 574.642.4770 or contact us here

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